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We have discovered a brand new color that doesn't have anything in common with all the colors and shades that we're used to. We have expanded our common understanding of the visible color spectrum. We have learned to extract colors that were previously considered as far beyond the register of human response.

Expert-chemists engaged in the synthesis of dyes and the interrelations between the structures and properties of substances have been applying the latest knowledge in areas of structural chemistry, photoelectronic spectroscopy and nanotechnologies. The result of this research and development is a pigmental dispersion of an absolutely unique color.

About us

ACI, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Edgar Burchell, a Lehgih University alumnus with a master's degree in chemistry. After graduating from Lehigh, Edgar worked for multiple color and chemical companies. With his knowledge of inorganic chemisty, pigments and dyes, Edgar began producing pigments in 2005 and started to manufacture aqueous pigment dispersions in 2006. Later in 2007 he got acquainted with the chemist analyst Alexey Gorohovsky, graduate of the Leipzig University of Applied Science. Together they began working on developing original dispersions and dispersions specifically designed for the rapidly growing flexo ink market. As the company gained experience in the field of aqueous dispersions, ACI, Inc. developed cost competitive dispersions for water based coatings, both acrylic emulsions and water borne alkyds. As the company's reputation grew, many respected manufacturers and institutions were added to their list of satisfied customers, consequently the company could easily find investment support for their visible color spectrum research project. During October 2010 experiments on the project yielded its first positive results and it became abundantly clear that the company's developments would be in high demand in the near future.

*modern CCD and CMOS image sensors perceive the color as smooth colorless gray noise (also known as low noise)

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